Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Pak Heights Performers Present!

To all those who took part... What are your thoughts? (Did you enjoy performing? What do you remember most? What did you think of the other performers? What was the reaction of your family/whanau? Do you have any suggestions for next year?) Please comment below.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Monday, 20 October 2014

New Homework System-your child has been given the first week's homework.

Dear Parents, We want to ensure that the learning we send home to you is consistent with our school values and vision, with research, assists children with their learning as well as acknowledging the great things you already do with your children. The research is quite clear (and has been for some time) that there are three things that you can help with at home that will assist your child as a learner: 1. Reading: Read to them, with them and listen to them read. To get the best out of reading you need to use the same strategies we do at school (chunking, re reading, using pictures as prompts etc.). 2. Basic Facts: If your child practices 5-10 basic facts a week (instant recall of addition, subtraction, and as they move through the stages multiplication and division). 3. Getting involved in authentic activities that use lots of the skills we teach at school (sports, cooking, building, tramping, the arts…the list is endless) where you can apply the many skills children learn at school. We know that compulsory projects are not the most effective way of helping your child with learning at home and we also know that these often cause stress at home. We are looking at a system in use in over 300 schools in New Zealand that is more empowering for students and far more effective for busy families. Homework will now consist of maths (basic facts), reading and spelling practice. There will also be optional home learning challenges that acknowledge the opportunities you provide at home and to challenge your child to become a more self regulated learner. Kind regards Senior School Teachers